Modular & Custom Furniture

Work environment is important for productive results by the employees, workstations and furniture form an integral component of the environment.

We offer a range of Modular Workstations and customized furniture which are not only convenient to function but also highly durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our in house design team can suggest workstation designs to optimize your office layout and create a harmonized office environment.

I. Plant & Machinery

  • German Panel Circular Saw with Nogging Blade with Dust Collector.
  • Largest size Panel Circular Saw with Nogging Blade with Dust Collector.
  • Italian Automatic Edge banding Machine through-feed with all accout-rements.
  • Edge Banding machine with Edge Trimmer and Tape Edge Profiler.
  • Post forming machine – largest size 3000mm.

  • Spindle Moulder with Dust Collector.
  • Triple Head Italian Multi boring Machine with Adjustable Head.
  • Bench Drills,Drop saw for Metal cutting,Mechanical Sander, Hand Held Routers 8mm,6mm,other tools.
  • Paint shop with ELGI and INGERSOL RAND dual Setup.
II. Raw material

Our RAW Material Procurement is centralized with the country’s Top Notch OEM’s to ensure that products are priced competitively without sacrificing on Quality.

III. Power

The Power requirement is 30 KW. In addition, 30 Kva Genset installed as Backup.

2. Manufacturing Process

I. Procurement of raw materials

Same are purchased from the open market existing Suppliers as well directly from raw material manufacturing companies.

II. Cutting & machining

The inspected materials is placed on the cutting table and then the different parts of the respective Furniture are demarked by a pencil marking as per different sizes and drawings. Cutting is carried out by cutting machine. Then machining is carried out for individual portion of the panel by skilled workers with the help of machines.

III. Checking, pressing & packing

All the Furniture obtained from the Machining section are checked before packing on the checking table so that any fault in the piece may be removed. Then the individual pieces are packed in proper board boxes for dispatch.

IV. Quality control

Care is taken vide manufacturing the Furniture to ensure that the product should be clean from oil stains, cuts, holes, etc. Generally, Furniture are made as per customers’ specification in respect of size, design & fashion.